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Get in touch with Lisboa Walking Tours and come to know Lisbon as if you were a local inhabitant. Discover the most charming places, stories, habits, curiosities, flavors and everything that makes Lisbon a city of magnificent beauty and passion.

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Lisbon of the seven hills, the huge Tagus estuary, the breathtaking views. Lisbon by so many desired and by so many beloved, surrender it’s beauty so that you can enjoy it.
With a mild climate and a luminosity full of beauty throughout the year, Lisbon, initially called by the Phoenicians as “Alis-Urbo” (Safe-Port), offers you a number of attractions ranging from the great estuary of Rio Tejo (Tagus River) to its many Museums, parks, historical monuments and sidewalks that remind us of times past.

We can try to summarize Lisbon in a city where you will not be able to get tired, where you will always find the best value for money and a range of unique experiences suitable for all tastes and interests: adventure, family, gastronomy, culture, Shopping, breathtaking landscapes … The only difficulty will be having to choose just one of these experiences!

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